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Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 162

The start of the day was good. Was not harrowed by anyone to be a mediator between 2 warring parties. Did whatever work i could do and just wanted to move out of office at the earliest. Fortunately, there was nothing really eventful that happened today and it was B.A.U(Business As Usual). Since morning, all i have been doing is eating. In a space of 12 hours, i had 3 Cheese Masala Toast Sandwiches garnished with Sev, 2 Cheese Wada Paavs, 2 cups of 7UP, 6 Melody Chocolates, 2 and a half Centre Fresh amd 1 Mishti Doi.
May god always keep the kitchens filling with food.
Well, i will end my day here. I have to wake up at an unearthly hour of 1:40 AM to ensure i reach work on time at 3:15 AM. Hopefully, i wont have to face anyone coming to office drunk after the quarterly Party that my office is having tonight, If someone does happen to be drunk and is not in a state to take calls, he/she/it is going to face some major music.

Good night.

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