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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 161

So, last night, besides surfing the net, i hit the sacks early. Was in Slumberland by 10 PM. Woke up at 8:30 PM and did nothing except read the newspapers. It was good decision to take a work off in between the week. Will keep me charged for next few days. Went to meet Nana in the afternoon as it was his birthday. The birthday boy is 83 and is rocking as always. In the afternoon, i didnt do much. At home, all i did was play poker and regain some lost chips. As of now i have nearly 50K+ chips. Hopefully it will cross the 100K+ mark on the weekend. In the evening, i spent about an hour on the phone with a well wisher (Sorry wont name him/her) and we talked about a lot of things and how best one should tackle it. Then it was back to poker time. Mom had gone out and bought some yummy paneer and Mishti Doi. So that nearly took care of dinner. Dont know if i should eat something more or just have a warm glass of milk and doze. Tomorrow, i am sure, will be an eventful day at the office. With a couple of my team members baying for each others blood, for a trivial issue, it will be back to my limited people's management skill to ensure there is a permanent cease fire. Lets see how that turns out to be. Saturday, is going to be equally eventful with me working for a 3 AM shift. Well, thats it for me now.
 In a while i will also see a movie on the computer and then go to sleep. Cheers for now.

Good luck.

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