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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Day 159

Another day at work. Same routine stuff. Team members having cold war. Team members having war of words. Tons of escalations and all of them solved within the same day. Left for home at around 4. Reached home at around 5:15 PM. Was so famished that i couldnt help, but, digging in to some jain pav bhaji and a nice choco bar ice cream candy. Came home and played a good hand of online poker. Then mom made some yummy Paneer Gravy and ended with some amazing Mishti Doi (Sweet Curd in Bengali). I didnt have any lunch so dinner was bloody fit for 2 people. Well, now, for something unroutine. I will actually, sleep in a while. Even after doing a 7 AM shift, i am bloody tired. I guess, these are body signals begging me to take a vacation. Well, i guess it will be a few more weeks till that happens. In the interim, the only mode of relaxation for me would be to catch up on a few movies and getting as much sleep as i can.
God Bless India.

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