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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Day 155

Here I am. Yesterday was too tiring. Was just sleeping after a hard day at work. And today, i had to get up at 4:30 AM because of a power failure in my area. And with that, little Purav also woke up. Somehow i managed to sleep till 5:30 AM and then got myself to wake up and take a nice cold shower. While going to office, i went to see Purav in the room. That guy was wide awake and wanted to play with me. Wish i could do that, but duty calls. Work was as usual busy. After some emotional moments of my office colleagues yesterday, today was relatively calm. Came back home to find a good friend messaging me from Pune( in an angry tone) on why i didnt upload the blog yesterday. Well, dear friend, i was tired. My soul was willing but the flesh was weak. So, today, i have uploaded the blog. Are we happy ???
Today i will complete watching a much under rated Hindi movie - Oye Lucky Lucky Oye.
What else to write about today ?
Nothing much. Except that i am really awaiting this weekend. Had a real hectic week and i need some rest and need to catch up on a lot of lost sleep.
Well, Good Night folks. See ya very soon.

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