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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Day 153

Today, was a very interesting day at work. At around 3 hours in to the shift, i had to play a mediator between 2 individuals. It is one of the worst occupational hazards of working in a contact center. Being a knowledge coach and managing people's emotions. Ask me to generate report, take escalation calls, manipulating systems and data for vested interest, i can do that. But managing people and their expectations, i am sorry but i don't believe i am cut out to be that kind of person. However, i exceeded my own expectations and i played a very good job. The 2 individuals kissed and made up (Again not literally). Work was extremely hectic but somehow i managed to complete most of my work. Did nothing much when i came home. Had a relatively early dinner of Yummy Parathas, Makkai Ki Roti and Home made paneer Subzi. Top it with White Butter and Badam Halwa. What a yummy dinner. May god bless the kitchen and it never runs out of food for anyone who comes to my home. In a while, i shall take the bus to dreamworld.
I was just playing with Purav. That kid is amazing. He can get cranky and cry for no rhyme or reason at times but as soon as he sees me and he sees me smile, he gives a nice big smile. Love that kid.
Well, its good night from me.
See ya tomorrow.

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