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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 151

A very well spent Sunday. Woke up at 11:30. Was surfing the net. Meghna called, as she wanted to come and meet mum for a while. Then mum and me decided to drive to Chembur and get some sweets and farsan from Shri Krishna. For those who dont know, Shri Krishna is a group of Sweetmeat stores, mostly famous in South India and very popular for some awesome Tamilian Sweets. Just had to go to get my all time fav sweet - Badam Halwa. Then we went to Blend N Brew and had some brunch. Took lot of dahi kababs for home (and finished all of them...good work)...On way back home mom bought some flowers and also vegetables. All in all, i ensured mum enjoyed mothers day, doing what she liked doing most, Shopping.
Evening was spent reading the Newspapers and also playing with Purav.
In a while i will go hit the sacks. Its going to be a long long week this time.
It is nice to see West Indies Trashing India in the T20 match. It is also amusing to see how the bunch of Jokers have actually chosen Ravindra Jadeja to play this match after a disastrous last match. If Ravindra Jadeja would have shown the same kind of performance in my office, he would have been kept on Probation and then given the pink slip.

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