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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Day 150

After 2 days of eternal bliss, i came to office. And what do i find, over 50 escalations waiting to get actioned. Well, the only reason people prefer sending me escalations is because i believe in FCR. First Contact Resolution. You come to me in office with any work Query. ANY. And you WILL GET A FIRST CONTACT RESOLUTION. Well, enough of boasting. So, peacefully i complete all my escalations. After work, i meet up with Avatar Baba and The Fat Guy. Checked out Iron Man - 2 at Cinemax - Sion. I havent seen the 1st part, but i guess it would be good, just like the 2nd part. Although one can never compare that with the bigger superhero movies like Spiderman, Superman or Batman but its worth a watch. Then we catch up for a nice Dinner for 6 at Peninsula. Yes, there were just 3 of us, but we have the appetite of 6 at times. We also catch a glimpse of some of the most strangest names one can come up for Food Items. There was a "Bhadwa Kabab", A drink by the name of "Orgasm" and a mocktail by the name of "Mickey Mouse". I ended up having 3 Mickey Mouses. :) Which was nothing but Vanilla Ice cream on a cola. Next time i resolve to have a Bhadwa Kaabab and then an Orgasm. :p.
We laughed over the fat guy's jokes. Baba and me had a useless tiff over why i was late but thats fine. We Kissed and made up after that...LOL (BUT PLEASE...This was ONLY a metaphor and we are absolutely straight).
I have this nagging back pain again. I guess after a day of driving 80 odd Kms, its bound to happen. In a while i will hit the sacks and catch the remainder of Friday the 13th.
Good Bye and God Bless.

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