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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 147

A very routine day at work. Completed most of my pending work within time. The team mates decide to have a birthday cake cutting after months. Surprisingly the cake turned out to be fabulous (Thanks to Sherry!!! You are an angel). However, the inevitable happened. After cutting the cake, my face was smeared with cake by, none other then Sherry :) Grrrrr. Sherry, if you are reading this, you should be knowing, how sinful is it to waste chocolates and cakes. We could have eaten it instead. Never mind, i will get you for this. :) :) :)
After work, i decide to catch up with Chaitanya. We had a good long talk about lot of things going on in our lives and how one would need to face the situations. Aunty made some yummy Sheera and Masala Rice (Although i hardly have rice, i can make an exception here). Drove and came home at around 10. Surfed the net, replied to a couple of messages and will write my blog. In a while, i will watch an all time classic - Friday the 13th for a few minutes and then i will hit slumberland.
Good night and God Bless India.!!!!

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