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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Day 146

After a hectic (atleast for me) yesterday, i had a relatively sober day today. Got some unexpected, but still good news, from work front. No more call listening. Atleast for this month. So all my pending work will be done a bit more quicker than usual. Work was, business as usual. Came home and was just surfing the net. Spent close to 1-2 hours trying to book Mumbai-New Delhi tickets for next month. LOL. One has to do so much homework before booking airline tickets to get a good deal. In a while i will go to sleep. Tomorrow, another routine day at office and then a couple of days off work and then back to work on Saturday.
Well, Good night and good luck.

PS - Does anyone here know how to upload a music file on the blog so that whenever someone opens the blog, they can hear the song / piece of music ? Please let me know the precise steps. You can email me on

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