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Sunday, May 16, 2010

D1y 158

After quite a few weeks, i woke up very early for a Sunday Morning. Was up by 7 AM. Just couldn't get any more sleep. So i did nothing much except the usual surfing the net, playing online poker and reading the sunday newspapers. Had some leftovers of last night. Watched 2 movies today - The Train to hell (stupid and boring and not even 1 bit thrilling) and Dharam (Very interesting movie starring Pankaj Kapur). Also watched 3 episodes of 2 and a half men and in many parts, i could identify with the situations. Slept for an hour at around noon but was awakened because of the intense heat which caused profound sweating. Today, is one of the most auspicious day in the Hindu Calendar. Its believed that it would be very lucky to buy anything today or start a new venture (Whether professionally or personally). Quite interesting. Today is also a very interesting day. Today, as per the Georgian calendar,  in 1994, we shifted to my current home. Today, in 2005, i got engaged to my Girlfriend of 2 years. Well, it was quite an interesting nostalgic trip that i had while writing this blog. In some time, i will go to sleep. I am watching the T20 finals. Looks like the Pommies have managed to give some jitters to the Aussies. But this is T20. Cricket hai. Anything is possible. Its just a matter of one good or one bad over that can change the outcome of the match. Lets wait and watch. Will Australia upset once again or will it be England who has chances of winning their first ICC tournament. Only time will tell. Good Night. God Bless. Har Har Mahadev.

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