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Friday, April 30, 2010

Day 142

Aaah. How i love fridays.Weekend starting. Although i am working, it is relaxing for me as i can complete 2 days of work in 1 day on weekends. As usual, during month ends(specially last day of month) we get heaps of last moment work which needs to be done before midnight AEST. But my team of extraordinary individuals, do it breathlessly. Great work, Trivesh, Yatin and Shivaji. I am sure Tushar would have contributed equally well had he not been on leaves. Also got my much awaited increment letter. Not such a great hike but no complaints. Because, anyways i dont have too much expectations where Monetary gains are concerned. I just got an sms from a colleague a couple of days back. "The amount of money that is in your bank at the time of death, is the extra work you did that should not have been done." :)
Well, i drove home and then had some Samosas and Rasgoolas that mom had bought (My cholesterol be damned). Then i went for a movie - Housefull. Hare Brained script with a few scenes that make you laugh but thats about it. Had a friend who was coming for the same show but didnt get a chance to meet her and say hi. Maybe next time. Well, now that i am home, i will have some nice dinner, write the review and then hit the sacks.
Good night till then......

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