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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day 141

I barely manage to get up at 2:55 to go to work and i get a call from an office colleague that even she has woken late so i do social service and pick her up. We manage to reach office around 20 mins later than usual, but hey, better late than never. Work was routine. Came back home and again did practically nothing except sleep for around an hour in the evening. I finally manage to get the movie - Nightmare on Elm Street. Will watch that before sleeping. :)
2 more days for work. Tomorrow, i assume, will be much more relaxing as i wont be tied up on the escalation desk. Hopefully i will manage to finish all pending work. I am also waiting for next week to start. I have a couple of days off mid week so i can spend some quality time with my near and dear ones on my birthday (like i usually do all these years).

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