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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Day 140

Mid week and i am already work-sick. Office was business as usual. A good part of the day was also spent in being a mediator between a few of my team mates who, now, seem to have a war of words. If anyone of them is reading this, relax yaar. Life is too short to waste in any trivial things or make mountains out of imaginary mole hills. Drove back home and was doing nothing except had a bit of argument with the old woman for not letting me catch a quick wink in the evening, peacefully. In a while i will have dinner and then will go off to sleep. 3 more days of work (Sadly i will be working on Saturday and ironically its 1st may so its kind of -- exploitation of labour :) but its ok i guess. Professional Work Hazards). Hey, i didnt catch Nightmare on elm street as the damn dvd didnt work :( :( But i did catch up -- he Weight of Water. A slightly off beat film directed by the recent oscar winner - Katheryn Bigelow. Worth a watch for its unique storyline.
Well, thats it from me i guess.
Good night folks!!!

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