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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 139

Somehow I managed to wake up at around 2:30 AM and drive to work. The day started pretty well with me managing to complete all my scheduled tasks on time. While coming back home, i was thinking, what is the one thing that a person can do if things are not really working the way you want them to ? Well, you can sit and crib, or you can let time take its course. I decide, as usual, to go with the latter. So while driving home, when i was a bit upset at a lot of things that have not worked in my favour in the last 12 odd months, i decide to unwind. And what a better way to unwind, than to listen to some good old classic songs. Hindi / English, the language doesnt matter. Atleast for the time you are listening to some good songs, you feel rejuvenated and get the energy to take on a new day or give you the calmness to end the day on a good note. And there are so many countless songs that one can choose from. I came home, tired and as usual, just surfed the net for a while. Will have some nice chocolate Soya Milk in a while and then will watch an old english hooror classic - A nightmare on Elm Street. Been wanting to watch that for years now.
Till then, its good bye, goodluck and Jai Hind from me.

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