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Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 136 ending and Day 137 beginning

Its been a good start. Woke at around 9. Had cousins coming over for a breakfast gettogether. Then saw amores perros. What a movie. World Cinema at its peak. Then had a nice brunch of Pizzas and Mangoes. Then headed towards Nerul to see the IPL3 final with Chaitanya. Mistake 1 - Didnt take the car anticipating traffic and no parking when it was quite the opposite considering that we headed quite early. Then we went to my friend's place nearby to relax before going to the stadium. We ate quite a lot and had atleast 2-3 glasses of pepsi before the match started. The atmosphere was wild with almost 50 thousand loud supporters for Team Mumbai. The final Result. Team Chennai won by 22 runs. Now, considering the last whole week of controversies surrounding the IPL, i have reasons to believe, that the results were fixed. It doesnt matter whether each and every over was fixed or not, but the result was. And this was like a very good suspense movie with a twist in the end.
Here's my reason:-
1) Bomb blast before the Final League match of Mumbai in Bangalore so conveniently the semi finals are held at Mumbai. They get almost twice as much money from ticket sales because the ticket contract clearly states that refund to be provided only if not a single bowl has been bowled. And both the semi finals had atleast 1 bowl being bowled so legally, IPL is safe in not giving the people who bought the original semi final tickets, any refund.
2) The way Mumbai was playing (or was paid to play), it was clear that it was the flavor of the season with a sure shot place in the final, so how about making everyone happy and even having the semi finals in Mumbai.
3) Air India provides free air travel for the teams because Praful Patel believes that his grandfather owned the airlines. So no expenses there.
4) Twist in the tale is a boon for the betting circle because hardly anyone would have betted on Chennai Winning.
Long live the IPL. I care two hoots on whether Team Mumbai wins or looses but one thing is certain, always watch these IPL matches as a pure entertainment feature like WWF wrestling bouts and you will not be disappointed.
Well, after the match we headed towards the station but the last train for town has left. So we decided to call a private AC cab. Meanwhile we had some yummy hot naan and paneer Bhruji at a nice Udipi near the station. The journey costed more than the actual match tickets but all in all it was a nice day full of entertainment.

For all ye Mumbai fans, too bad, i knew Chennai was winning even before the final started. All you guys had to do was open your eyes and see things from a different vantage point.

Well, its getting late and my back aches like hell so i shall sleep.
Good night and God Bless you all..

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