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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 134

Yes, finally friday has arrived. Seemed like bloody ages. Got a long weekend due to the Anzac day weekend down under. Will also go for the IPL 3 finals on Sunday. Work was routine. Managed to complete quite a lot of backlog which was unnecessarily piling, ON TIME. Left for home at around 4:45 and then rested for a few minutes and caught up with THE FAT GUY at Pritam Da Dhaba at Dadar. We ate, for a change, for 4 people instead of 6. Had a couple of large pegs of Dark Rum. Spoke nonsense and then came back home. Well, now since Purav has come back home after staying for a couple of weeks at his grandparent's place so now it will be fun. Now i shall just hit the sacks in a while and sleep for 12 hours. DND.

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