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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Day 132

I must have slept for atleast 11 hours each day yesterday and day before yesterday. Somehow, this gave me enough strength to last till 6 PM at work today. Was working till around 5 and had a good hearty discussion about various issues with my managers. Mind you, this is only a healthy talk and no debate or fight. Drove back home and managed to resolve a few people related issues in between. I believe, atleast with this job, i have become a part time counselor as well. Now this is one thing that i detest but i guess i would call it a professional hazard. Right now i will have some yummy dosas from Cafe Madras and will watch the IPL - 3, 1st Semi Final. As of now, it looks like Team Mumbai would loose. But then given the glorious uncertainties that the game is so famous for, anything is possible. Well, the d day is coming near. Good night and god bless you all.

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