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Monday, April 19, 2010

Day 130

pain in your life
that makes you strive
to just survive

pain that it took
To just be me
pain i go through.
but people can't see.

Yesterday's cricket takes a toll. I can hardly walk well. The body aches. But physical pain like this, in all its form, is good. I drive to office because i hate coming home in the scorching heat. My work is B.A.U. (Business as usual). Leave home on time and gotta friend for company. I reach home and crash on the sofa. I am so tired, with this pain, that i just dont have the capacity to go to my bed. I sleep for a few hours in the afternoon (Mom's shouting and screaming non-withstanding). Wake up at around 9 for a nice yummy meal of coin Pizzas. In a while, i will read some newspapers and then i will hit the sacks. Fortunately i have a slightly later shift for the next couple of days, so i can take it easy.
Well, thats all that is there to it for the day.
Good night.

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