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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Day 129

Woke up at 9 today all ready for the cricket match which was meant to start at 10 IST. Since its IST, we started at 11. It was mayhem all through out. No one knew which teams they were in so everyone batted and bowled for each team. But it was fun. I made a grand 1 run. :) I didnt even get a wicket. My team lost by 12 runs. I wish we had batted first, we would have won. I was a runner for the last guy and all this running and fielding all day made me bloody exhausted. But Kashyap and me are never exhausted for a nice movie, especially if its comedy and starring our favorite Bruce Willis. Saw, Cop Out at PVR - Phoenix. Full time pass fare. Then we went to Chroma and saw some amazing gizmos. Saw a refrigerator, which we liked but Uncle Scrooge decided it was not worth purchasing right now. Bought my Nokia Headphones and had an early dinner at Bombay Blues. Took us almost 40 minutes to come home due to the long traffic but we had an enjoyable sunday, nevertheless. Tomorrow, begins another gruesome week at office. But somehow i will manage. The D Day is coming. It will be quite soon. Wait and watch.

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