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Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 127

While sleeping last night, i dreamed of snakes. Now thats supposed to be a good omen according to the mystique eastern philosophy. Supposed to be a sign of yourself attaining a high level of spirituality according to the fat guy. Possible. Don't believe me ? I read an article where Mahavira (the last of the thirtankara) was forecasted to be born when her mom dreamt of a snake. Anyways, i reached office and again had a relatively easy day, where work was concerned. If it had not been for almost an hour when my PC was being fixed for a software that was not working, i would have finished all pending stuff much before my self generated SLA of 48 hours.
After work, i joint the fat guy for a nice long session at Temptations - Bandra. We discussed the usual philosophical stuff, bitched about avtaar baba and in general had a nice time. Came home almost sloshed, sweaty and stinky due to the bad heat, and was just sloshed on the sofa. Fortunately i gathered strength to get up after some time and have a nice hot shower and write the blog.
Before i end this blog for the day, i had an interesting thing to share. Today, out of the blue, 3 of the most good looking women i have met and admired in my life, called / messaged / met me. Felt very good, i must say :)

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