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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Day 125

And what a tiring day it was yesterday. Came home, had a shower and just conked off on the sofa at around half past five. Woke up at 9. Had a glass of water and slept and woke at 2 AM. I was so bloody tired. Work was hectic but manageable. Thankfully i have a 7 AM shift next day so I can sleep till late (sleeping till 4:30 AM is a luxury for me). Went with Kashyap to see The Green Zone at Metro. A very interesting film. Not as intense as the hurt locker but still a must see. I have come home now and as usual, I am just surfing the net, hearing some nice music and will have a quiet dinner with Bro and mom and then i will go to sleep. Will be a little more peaceful because slowly i am approaching the day when i will be making one of the most major decision of my life.
Well, good night.

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