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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Day 121 to 122

Had a nice time at office. As usual, completed 2 days of work in 1 day. Stayed back some time and chatted with an old colleague about a few things. Came home. Made 2 trips to lamington road. One to get the USB Drive and second to get the charger for the laptop. Came home and had a nice shower. Mitul called and we decided to meet for a nice dinner at a food court in Phoenix Mills. The biggest fuck up was that it took me almost 25 minutes to reach Mitul's place and another 35 minutes from Peddar Road to Lower Parel because of a stupid police checking. Why the checking ? Because a mother fucking VIP was going to pass there. Bloody son of a bitch. Anyways, had some nice grub. Decided on the timings to go to New Delhi in the next couple of months for a friend's wedding. Came home and now watching, I am legend alongside scrapping.
Will go to sleep in a while. Been a tiring week.
Good Night.

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