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Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 120

I hate noise. I could barely sleep before 10:30 last night due to noise. I also started hallucinating if i dont get proper sleep. Well, such is life i guess. Work was pretty normal today. Usual mayhem but nothing that cant be solved calmly. Left office at around 13:45. While i reached home, the weather was slightly better. Instead of the usual 38 C scorching heat, it was cloudy and there were signs of low rain. But 38 C in April is a cause of concern. When it gets to the month of May, the heat will be unbearable. Every year, for the last few years, each summer has been more hot then the subsequent summer. I believe, Bombay will get its hottest summer ever and we will cross 40 C in May. In the evening i saw the oscar Winner, The Hurt Locker at Metro. Very nice movie. Came home, surfed the net and now i will go to sleep. Have to wind up early as i have work tomorrow. Love going to work on Saturday. Will complete 2 days of work in 1 day.
Good Night folks.

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