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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Day 119

What a day it was yesterday. After work, i met my best friend, Chaitanya, for lunch and had quite a lot of discussion. I came home by around 5 (After taking a detour to Lamington road) and simply sloshed on the sofa. Managed to get up at 8 and just changed my sweaty clothes and went to sleep. At 9:30, Mom woke me up because we had to take little Purav to Hospital. Wow. That guy is just 3 months old and was suffering from breathlessness. We were quite tensed but fortunately, they just registered some medicine and he was fine. Its so sad that the little ones dont have a language to communicate so the only language they can speak, if they want attention for anything, is crying. And one cant figure out whether he is crying for hunger, pain, love or any other emotion. I guess, no wonder, mums are always so protective about their children. Long live mothers (No matter how nut cases they can be at times). Today i woke up late due to an eventful night and reached office a bit late than usual. Fortunately the day passed without any hassles. Now i will end and go hit the sacks. Got another 2 whole days to go.

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