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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day 116

Its been a relaxing long easter weekend. Tomorrow, i dont have office. Ideally i should be having an off, but its just a work off and i have to work on Saturday. Thik hai, no complaints. Anyways, i have bigger picture in mind for the next couple of months. Yesterday i went for a movie in the evening with Fat guy and Avtaar baba. Watched The Clash of Titans. Though not as engrossing as the 1981 counterpart, the special effects are outstanding. Despite an upset stomach, we still went to Bade Miyas and 3 of us had food fit for 5 people. Next morning, we had some guests over who had come to visit mom. Although, it was purav who stole the limelight. In the afternoon, i watched an epic (in true sense) - The Greatest Story Ever Told. Of course, being easter, this was a must watch. Today was also a first of sorts. Today was the first time we went for a family dinner (After nearly a year) with Purav to The Jewel of India. Now that is one amazing restaurant. Superb Deco and great ambiance. Also saw some nice cricket - IPL. Well, its night time and just about time to get to bed. Well not quite. I will be watching the remainder of the movie that i left half in the afternoon.
Oh by the way, although i have been no fan of WWE/WWF(Stopped watching it since 1994), it was very interesting to see 2 vintage wrestlers - The Undertaker and Shawn Micheals fight it in a match which would see the looser retire from professional wrestling. Although the result may have been fixed, the match was awesome. Some of the stunts that these guys pulled were outstanding.
Well, thats it for me now.
For all the people who read my blog, wishing you a very happy easter.

Good Night and God Bless.

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