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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Day 99

After a very long time i was working on a saturday. I felt very happy for 3 things
1) I had a shift at a decent timing - 7 AM.
2) I finished 2-3 days of work in just 1 day and went home on time
3) Nothing came between me and my weekend movie watching :)
I watched LSD - Love Sex Aur Dhoka.
This is one path breaking movie in Indian Cinema. A must watch. Many such movies have been made in Hollywood, but everyone, this is one classic.
Also saw The Mumbai Indians Team Loose to Jacques Kallis. I liked it. In 2008 when the owners of Mumbai Indian had Rs 1000 Crore to spend (The highest for any team in IPL), then why the fuck would you wanna use the money on dimwits like Harbhajan Singh Instead of Shane Warne and Dwayne Bravo instead of Andrew Symonds ? And pray, who keeps the wicket ? Does anyone knows his name ? And why couldnt they bid for Adam Gilchrist ? No wonder, investing in Reliance nowadays is like committing hara-kiri.
And please, for all his world records, Tendulkar is one of the most inconsistent batsmen. He is a great mathematician. He can fool the Indian Selectors (Who like all Indian Managers are so obsessed with numbers) by playing the worst cricket in 7 matches and excellent in 3 matches so that his average remains intact. A good sportsman should be consistently good and not occasionally.
The Australian Cricket Board dropped Jason Gillespie after he scored a double century to save a test match against the world minnows of Test Cricket. Yet he was never chosen to play for Australia ever again because his prime task as a strike bowler, was below par. Fat chance someone will ever have the balls to drop Tendulkar.
Well, enough of Tendulkar Bashing.
Now i will go to sleep.

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