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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Day 97

Yesterday was quite tiring. After a grueling day at work, i came home and was so tired that i just didnt have the capacity to go to bedroom. Thankfully, i had a work off today as a last minute roster change. Wanted to go for a movie in the evening but was too damn tired. Went with Kashyap out to Bade Miyas and had some yummy sheik kebab and paneer bhurji. Came home and just conked off on the sofa. managed to get up at 3 and go to the room to finally wake up at 10:45 AM. Did nothing much in the morning. Went to See Amelia at INOX in the afternoon and came back home in the evening. Spoke for almost 2 hours on the phone with an office colleague and both of us were trying to figure what needs to be done in our professional lives. Now i will just relax, surf the net for a while and then hit the sacks. A work off well spent.

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