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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Day 95

Aaagh. To wake up at 2:00 AM on a tuesday morning and going to work when half the city will be sleeping till late due to a public holiday. Madness!! Madness!!!!
So i drive to office and get ready to face a battle. I win because i live on time. :)
Just 3 more days to go before the weekend start. I decide to head for Inox to catch Mira Nair's Ameila, only to find out that the movie is not running on tuesdays. Strange and disgusting. Then i quickly head to Metro and just about manage to see Nine. missed the first 10 minutes but its ok. The movie is fantastic. Amazing soundtrack and amazing performances. Daniel Day Lewis Rocks. Then came home and had a nice evening snacks of Steam idlis which happened to be my dinner as well. Purav has come after nearly 2 months of staying at his nana-nani's place. He was a bit cranky, but arent all kids ? The biggest challenge is that he will stop crying only when someone holds him in the arms and keeps walking. . Chalo theek hai, that way all of us will get our daily dose of exercises. :) :) Also watched the IPL match of bangalore vs delhi. Great performances by Kallis and Utthapa who trashed delhi despite chasing a high total. While writing this review, I have seen Mahinder Singh Dhoni hit his 5th IPL 50 and has just hit a huge six and then a four. This is one batsman / wicket keeper who will go places with his huge strikes. Reminds one of how Kapil Dev batted in his hey days. Brilliant batsman. I hope one of other favorite batsman, Matthew Hayden finds his form in the tournament.

Well after the match i will go hit the sacks and read the book i was reading last night and then zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

Well, goodbye for now.

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