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Monday, March 15, 2010

Day 94

And Monday begins...fortunately it was a bit more relaxed and i could leave home on time. Had a nice heavy lunch with an office colleague and then came home. Finally managed to watch 1084 ki maa. A very sensitive and underrated movie directed by Govind Nihalani way back in 1998. About how the whole naxalite movement of the 1970s. Not as intense as Hazaar Khwahishey aisi but on similar lines. Sad that such movies never do well nor are they well publicized. In a while i will go to bed, i will read, The Trial Of Bhagat Singh by Kuldip nayar and then i will hit the sacks. Tuesday promises to be a more challenging day in terms of work and escalations and team management. But somehow, i have this gut feeling i will leave on time and manage everything with ease. For all my Maharashtrian Friends, who will be celebrating their New Year tomorrow, wishing you seasons greetings. Technically, even i am a maharastrian because i have been residing in the state for over 15 years so it is my new year as well :)
Well, thats all there is to that.
Good Night and Good Luck.

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