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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Day 91

Just back after watching the Inaugural IPL - 3, match between Deccan Vs Kolkatta.
Lessons learnt:-
1) Never bowl first after winning the toss in a night match, specially anywhere in the indian sub continent (Countless examples, The 1996 World Cup Semi Final Between India and SL is a major one).
2) If you are placed well while bowling first and the opposite team is 4/31 after 5.1 overs, try to ensure they dont get runs. The key to a limited overs game / 20-20 game is to ensure that the batting team gets as many dot balls as possible if the wickets are not falling.
3) When you are comfortably placed batting second at 1/100 after 12 odd overs, play consistently and DONT throw wickets when you know you only have 4 recognised batsmen in your team.

All in all, a good match and a well deserved win for Kolkatta. For Deccan, you have 13 more matches left, learn some lessons.

The only hitch was the drive back home. Spent almost 30 minutes on the Vashi Bridge. Due to a great mismanagement by the traffic police, the vashi bride was open for 3 lanes to south bound traffic and only 1 lane for north bound traffic but the same co-ordination didnt happen in the other direction. Result --> Major Mayhem.
But as they say in India...Kindly Adjust. So we adjusted.

PS --> It was a pleasant surprise to see live performances (Even though they were just 1 song each) by Ali Campbell (Lead singer of UB40), ABBA and Lionel Richie. Mast 70s and 80s feel. I liked it.
Well, Now i shall sleep.
Good Night.

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