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Friday, March 12, 2010

Day 89

And i am back. After 4 nights and 5 days in Pondicherry(now christened as Puducherry)...and 24 hours in Chennai(Previously known as Madras and previously known as St Thomas)...i am back to Bombay. I had a nice time and have destressed(for a lack of better word) my self as much as i could. In a couple of days, i will be uploading the pictures and if possible, i will make a nice PPT about the trip and upload it on the blog for anyone who is remotely interested in knowing a bit more about the place. I have walked nearly 7-8 KM in these 6 days. Enjoyed the lovely evenings watching the bay of bengal, spiritually rejuvenated at the Aurbindo Ashram, taken a nature walk at Auroville, Enjoyed the luxury and comfort of The Promenade in pondcherry and The Taj in Chennai, Had a lovely evening Hot Chocolate near the beach in Pondicherry, Swimmed on the rooftop pool, Window Shopped at Spencers, Had a great dinner at one of the finest French Restaurant in the country and basically, just had a great time. What i have also decided, is to ensure that i take a break every 3-4 months (even if it is for a week). My trip was great except for a couple of hours last night when i had a severe back ache and chest congestion. I am usually the kind of person who never has any such major health issues, but yesterday was a bit scary. However, it was all ok after a spray of Moov, but i guess this is an omen that i need to take serious look in to my health and ensure i dont take enough stress. And this morning when i read an article in a magazine, that one of the symptomes of stress is a severe back pain, i have decided that the time has come for me, to take some major decisions in my life.
Watch this space for more.
Good Night.

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