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Friday, March 5, 2010

Day 83

After sleeping for almost 8 hours yesterday...the morning was quite fresh. I though i would complete my work in time and leave...but boy was i wrong. When one gets to a level when one has to manage people, generally time should never be a constraint and time should never be a hurdle. That is the herd mentaility and i dont follow that. Sadly, today i was in office from 4 AM to 5:30 PM. :( :( It would have been 3:30 PM had it not been handling the human element of one of my most, sorry correct, the most hard working person in my team. When the hard working person is reduced to tears because of some integrity issue that has affected that person, i, as a person managing people, need to stand up for that person. And stand up i did. And I am glad that person had the guts to fight it as well. Anyways, i managed to complete 95% of my pending work and leave. The 5% is not critical so it can wait. I was exhausted mentally and wanted to see a movie at the end of the day. So i went to watch, Road Movie at Inox. This is the perfect kind of movie one needs to see to unwind on a friday. I had a nice dinner before the movie of Tacos and Cheese and corn balls.
A nice start to a long extended much needed break from work.
Tomorrow i am off to Chennai and from there, taking the beach road to pondicherry.
God knows, how much i need that break :( :(

Anyways, i hope to write my blog daily from there (If i have cheap net access).
Good Night and Good Luck.

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  1. Enjoy the vacation.... n then pls share experiences u had with us.