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Monday, March 1, 2010

Day 79

It was a very peaceful Monday. We shifted to another new premise that my company has bought in 4D. Although the area is nice, because its more nearer to civilization. the space is too claustrophobic. Somehow i have managed to survive the day. Being Holi, the roads were quite deserted and i came back home in about 75 minutes. It would have been 55 minutes, but had to drop a colleague to her home as i didnt want her to take the isolated road back home. Came home and once again had a yummy smokin' joes pizza. :) I promise to go back to gym from tomorrow, just trying to enjoy a festive mood. But a heavy meal of Pizza and Coke can make you drowzy and i slept for a few hours in the afternoon. Woke up at 8 just to write my blog, surf the net for a while then go back to sleep. So a nice relaxing monday, even though i was at work (Like the previous 7 odd holis). Well, its time to sleep.
Good Night!!!

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