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Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 109

After a disturbed sleep, i managed to wake at 9:30. Had to take mom to a doctor to get the Clexane Injected. What is Clexane, i heard someone ask ? Clexane is a marketing name given to a chemical called Enoxaparin Sodium. Confused again ??
Let me simplify. For a person who has got a stroke, the blood in the body does not reach the brain. This would be due to the arteries / veins in the brain getting clogged and hence the blood would not pass through it. Now there is no way that one could actually increase the size of the vein so one has to then decrease the thickness of the blood. In simple words, when a water pipe gets clogged and one can not remove the object which clogs the pipe but one still needs to push the water in, the only way one can do is to decrease the flow of water and let it seep through slowly. The veins and the blood work in a somewhat similar fashion. A clexane injection makes the blood thin and this would allow the blood to easily flow in the vein.
The sad part is, that it took me 3 medical shops to find the injection, which itself costed Rs 605.00.
I sincerely hope that someone would do more about the health care issues in India.
Then had lunch and was back to the hospital to get a refund cheque. The most irritating part is that when the hospital authorities ask for money, the patient or their relatives immediately have it arranged. But when one asks for a refund of the excess amount back, it takes hours. 2 hours to get a refund cheque. But i was patient and took the cheque and had it deposited. I came back in the afternoon and was resting for sometime.
It was also very nice to hear from a close school friend after quite some time and found it quite interesting how one can find a certain help from the most unexpected place :)
So thank you Saloosh, i hope to contact you in the next couple of days.
Well, now i will go and have some nice hot chocolate and then go to sleep.
Tomorrow, i will resume work. Its gonna be a mess, but i will manage.
Good Night and Good luck.

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