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Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 108

Finally, we bought Mom Home. Luckily the discharge process didnt take more than 15 minutes. Took a bit time to understand the medicines that mom needed to take over the next few days. In these few days, i learnt many things. How to diagnose a stroke ? What is required ? How a simple tablet of Asprin can prove a life saver for people having strokes. Difference between a CT scan and a MRI. What happens in an ICU. Actually she was meant to be discharged tomorrow but luckily the doctor gave the green signal for today. Being someone who believes in Jainism, my mom was happy because today is Mahavir Jayanti and its an auspicious day to do anything good and for Mom, this was, virtually, a new life. Now with 1 important phase being finished smoothly, i will now focus equally on the more important aspect of my life, my professional front. In the next few days, there will be a lot of happenings in my professional front. What is in store, you will need to wait and watch. I sincerely hope that whatever happens, will be something which will be good for long term. So lets see how that gets along. Once that takes care of itself, i will be focusing on something which i have been neglecting for a long time. My personal life.
Watch this space for more.

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