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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 106

For anyone who is reading my blog, you may wonder, where have i disappeared for a few days. Well, for starters, my mom got a stroke on Wednesday night. It was my brother's presence of mind, that made him call my family doctor who suggested immediate hospitalization. However, we had quite a traumatic 2 days. With mom scheduled to go to a hospital, we had a nightmare getting her to the car. Reason --> The lift in my building is under maintenance. Somehow, we managed to get her down. When we reached the hospital, she was supposed to get admitted in the ICU. I had a major tough getting sleep that night. Somehow, i caught a few hours of sleep. Next day, the reports were better than last night and due to a life saving drug, she got saved. I slept in the hospital waiting room the following night. As I am writing, she is still in the hospital with my brother and i taking turns to sleep in the night. What i did find, sad, was that i had that kind of money, time and resource to get timely help and save mom's life. However, there are so many people in India who dont have anything and have to make the difficult decision of not saving the life. For eg - The life saving inject-able drug that we bought for Mom costed Rs 40000+. Imagine, what would a person who would be earning only rs 3000-Rs 4000 per month do in such a situation ? I was talking to a friend last evening who said that, sadly, in a country like India, Life Saving drugs are luxuries and people who cant afford it have no rights to live. For once, i wished, the government would spend more in healthcare and i wished that we had a special budget just for healthcare, like we have for railways. But i guess, all this is just a pipe dream. Well, i guess i will go to sleep right now. Hopefully, i will update my blog next day.
Also to let everyone know, i am about to take one of the most major decision of my life.
More on that, in the next couple of weeks.

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  1. All the best for yr moms health.You are a real gutsy character.All the best.