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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Day 102

When will this week ever end ? Cant believe that there are another 3 WHOLE days left before the weekend starts. Fortunately, I have ateast completed all work on time and i am leaving office on time. Went to see The Young Victoria in PVR Juhu today. Very interesting soap opera about the english royal family. Came home extra tired than usual only to come back down to fill petrol in the car and take nephew out for a small drive and he loved it. Well, too tired to write the blog so i guess i will take a break.
Before i leave, i just want to add one last thing, Three score and 19 years back, 3 men sacrificed their lives for a cause. They had the option to get free but they choose the road less travelled. Let us all remember these brave young men and maintain a minute's silence before we have our dinner.

Some of you ( I hope not) will ask who were these people ? Well, who indeed ?

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