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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Day 78

A nice quiet Lazy Sunday. Woke up 1t 10 AM. Didnt do much. Read the Sunday Newspapers. Surfing. Watched a movie - Manorma - Six feet under and ate a yummy Pizza from Smokin joes. I also watched another nice movie last night, Mirch Masala. . I would have had a perfect Sunday afternoon had it not been for a phone call from a colleague's mother who was frantic as that colleague hadnt come home and not called her back. After about an hour of trying we found that the person was actually sleeping in a relax room of the office. Grrrr.. Why cant people atleast keep their immediate managers informed if there is going to be a change of schedule. Well, alls well that ends well. In the evening, i had a nice hot shower and a yummy hot Choco Milk made from Nesquick. All in time to be ready for a much awaited India-Pakistan Hockey world cup match. Now this was the first time that the arch rivals have met in a world cup after 24 years. In 1986 they India lost 2-3 in extra time and the match was watched by only a handful of people. This time, the match is in home ground. The match has over 15000 people watching it live. Its a night match and the atmosphere is fantastic. And India has won 4-1. What a start. 2 amazing goals by Sandeep Singh.
What an end to a sunday.

Good Night.

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