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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 75

Today, when i woke up in the morning at 2 AM, i didnt feel at all like going to work. Somehow, i gathered myself and went. I am thankful i overcame the bloc and went because today, i felt good when one of my managers felt good about doing the right thing in office. Yes, i spent a lot of time post shift doing work, but for once, i wasnt complaining. Now, i will try to employ a different strategy at work. Right now, many people, knowingly or unknowingly, are taking things easy because of the nature of work that I do. In the days to come, some people are going to get Jitters. Some of them may be even reading this blog. My humble plead to you would be, Guys/Gals, get your act straight and start learning how to do things. Thats all that i am going to say at this juncture.
I came home, and watched one of my all time fav movies, American History X on Warner Brothers Channel on TV. Everyone, you just have to see the movie to realize why its one of the finest movie ever made and it was such a shame that Edward Norton did not get the best actor Oscar.
Right now, i will have a nice quiet dinner of Dosas and Manchurian and Fried Rice and will retire to bed.
Good Night.

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