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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day 73

What a tiring Monday it was yesterday. Manage to leave office on time but was so tired when i came home. I slept by 5:30 without having lunch and woke up next morning at 2 AM. Tuesday was equally chaotic but thanks to a nice colleague, i manage to leave on time. So i came home, again surfed the net for a while and went and worked out at the gym. Will have a nice meal of Dosas and then will sleep. Its quite a monotonous life since the past few days, but i am thankful that after Sunday, i have got a more clear ideas on what needs to be done regarding certain aspects of my life. When i look behind, my last 12 odd years of working, i have seen so many things. I have faced numerous challenges and each day i have learnt something new. There has not been a day where i have not had the opportunity to do something different. Every day has been a valuable experience for me. This is as far as my professional life is concerned. As far as my personal life, it has its shares of ups and downs. But in retrospect, its only been a learning experience. There was a time when i was quite a social person and had so many friends / well wishers. Over the period of time, i learnt that these so called friends / well wishers were just namesakes. True friends / well wishers are the ones who are with you without even asking. They give you unconditional support. They dont judge you. In life there have also been numerous instances where i have felt, maybe my life is hard. But when i look around people i know and about whose lives i know, i see that my troubles are really nothing in compared to them. I have seen people who eat only one meal a day because they are saving every penny to pay off their home loans. People who support a family of 5 with their only salary. People who are debt ridden but still manage to survive each day due to their sheer hard work. People who live in a house which is barely the size of my living room with a family of 5 and are still happy because they have a roof on their head. People who have had both their parents in the hospital at the same time and none of the siblings were earning money. People with Clinical Depression who will be virtually paralyzed if they dont take their medication and counselling. People who have had different life-partners cheating / leaving them multiple times and going through mental trauma. Single moms who have no one to support them, including their parents.
There are so many incidents. There are so many life stories. But people live. People Survive. People fight back.
And that is the essence of life. What one really needs, and as i keep on saying time and time again, are friends / well wishers who support you forever.

Too much gyaan.
Think about it.

Good Night. (Of course its good night, its midnight in Brisbane and 1 AM in Sydney).

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  1. yep.... so true gyaan.... my dad say one should have atleast 5 friends who know u inside n still love u.... But as reality I had my share of friends who were very close but over the period of time just drifted apart. I still miss them but its ok.