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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 67

Oh boy. What a tiring 2 days it has been. Last afternoon i came home, put on my gym clothes and just thought i'd lie down on the sofa and catch a few winks. And guess what ? i was so dead tired that i just slept like a log. Didnt realise when i woke up and went to my den and slept till 9 PM. Grrr.. I wish i could get a little less tired. Still, was too late to go to the gym so just read a book and hit the sacks. Today, due to sheer negligence and lack of ownership of one person in my team, i had to spend 1 hour clearing a mess which, ideally someone else should have taken the ownership. Grrr Grr Grr.. I guess that is how life is anyways. And due to this it was 3:30 AM by the time i left office. And i am so damn tired, i just dont have the capacity to do anything right now. I will take it a bit easy in the following 2 days now. Well, this week has sure flew by fast, it is already end of Wednesday. Just 2 more days and the weekend starts. Just counting the number of days left for my much needed short vacation.

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