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Monday, February 15, 2010

Day 65

Was a relatively calmer monday. Managed to do most of my work on time. It means, tomorrow there will be panic, as per the usual trend. Didnt come home directly from work. Went to Vodafone to cancel my DD. A 2 minute request which took 40 minutes of waiting due to the 10 people ahead of me. Aargh. Why cant things be done online ? Then went to Lifestyle to get my trousers altered in length. Will get it tomorrow. Then went shopping for some groceries to Big Bazaar. While coming home, had a major tiff with one of Vodafone India's customer service rep. Being in an e-crm industry for 6 and a half years, i have realised one thing. Indians, in general, are extremely unprofessional when speaking with customers. Indians expect things to work smoothly all the time and expect all customers to be nice and savvy while speaking to them and when the customer is not at the best of his mood (Which is bound to be and that is why he/she has called up customer care) then these reps go bonkers. These guys, and many more who are working in international call centres need serious lessons in effective customer management and soft skills.
Anyways, so i am home and am arranging all the groceries and mom lets all hell loose because i have entered her terrotory, the kitchen and trying to sort things out. Lesson Learnt --> Dont enter the domain primarily held by women and try to get things done your way.
Today, i was also thinking, about certain events that took place in the state over the weekend. There was a bomb blast at a popular bakery in an upmarket Street in the city of Pune. Officially, 9 people Died and 40+ were injured. The media went helter skelter stating that the cops were not doing their jobs. I believe, that the cops are doing a thankless job all the time. It is, as one very famous person said, the only 24 hour social service we have in the world. The fuck up was, that the state government decided that it was more important to send cops guarding movie theatres showing a certain movie because certain individual's freedom of speech was at stake and along with that was stake, over Rs 100 croro of business. I was wondering, whether that was more important than a potential terror attack which was forewarned by our intelligence agencies ? I honestly think, if our country needs to be free from the terror attack, we should grant autonomy to 2 major institutions. The Police Force and the intelligence. By Police force, i also include, the DRE, RAW, CID and the ACB.

Our whole system is crippled because of unnecessary involvement of the politicians who have nothing better to do than give speeches.

Food for thought. Let me know what you think.

Good Night.

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  1. Yes I agree with you that police is doing a thankless job..... and also the famous saying "Politicians divide us n terrorists unite us". This was the first time common man was protected by police to watch a movie... LOL.... But I liked the guts of SRK for sticking to what he said ( n he didn't say anything wrong). He has freedom to express his opinion.