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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 64

Was dead tired last night...hence i didnt have the capacity to write a review. Had to be tired, went for a movie, Wolfman, at 11:30 AM at INOX, then was browsing some books at the annual strand book sale opposite INOX. Came home and took a coupld of hours breather and then was off to do shopping with Mom. Went to lifestyle and redeemed my vouchers and got a few paid of formal clothes. The bad news is that the size 36 trousers are a bit tight. The good news is, that i will NOT exchange them and will use it as a motivator to go to the gym from Tuesday (Got lot of stuff to do tomorrow). Sunday was spent eating Russian Salad Sandwich and Yorkie Bar and watching The Boat That rocked on the PC. Then was surfing most of the time. Another weekend well spent. Tomorrow is another hectic monday at work. Will get through it. Well, i am kinda hungry right now. Will grab a quick grub and then off to sleep.
Good Night.

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