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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 61

A slightly more relaxed day at office. Completed quite a pile of emails that were pending. Today was a bit special day at work. I completed exactly 6 and a half years at work. And yesterday i got a memento from office for completing 5 years. (That it came 1 and half years late is another story all together). I was thinking about all the years that went by. I have spent close to 1/5th of my life here. Seen so many ups and downs. Made quite a few friends and have got over 500 out of the 1000 contacts that are someone related to the place i work. Wow.
Went to see the movie - Armoured. Which was more of a poor man's version of Reservoir Dogs. Still a decent movie and very fast paced. Worth a watch once.
Now i have come home and will sleep in a while after a quiet dinner.
So, day went by well.

Good Night.

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