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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 60

Well, there was quite a jump start for the day. The transport department of my company screwed up again. Had to spend the first hour of my day co-ordinating between transport and employees. One day, if i ever quit the company, i will ensure i blame transport for all the ordeals that i have faced at work. So, the day goes well. It was a colleague's birthday and she gave everyone yummy chocolates. Towards the end of the day, surprisingly, one of my team manager and me had a good 15-20 minute catch up. Got to know more about the human side of him. Interesting.
Today, i was wondering about a question that was posed to me by one of my team members. The team member asked, "Milind, When was the last time you were most happy ?". Well that is a really interesting question. And did i have an answer ? Well, No. I mean, When was i most happy ? Really ? When ?
The Day i was born ? My 1st day in Senior School ? The day i passed 10th Standard Board Exams ? The day my team won the football trophy in 1993 ? The Day i proved i was not a bad cricketer by making my building team win ? The Day i first smooched a girl ? The day i went on a proper date with a beautiful girl ? The time i officially proposed to my girlfriend ? The day i hugged her first ? The day i kissed her first ? The day i got married ? The time when i first made love to someone ? My Honeymoon in Mauritius ? All the good times i spent with my wife ? The Day i got promoted ? The day i got my 1st proper 4 figure salary in my bank account ? The day i got my current job ? The Day i moved to Business Sales Support Department of my company ? The time i bought tickets for the 1st weekend show of The Titanic with my 1st salary ? The time i got my first hard earnt money ? The time i met Uncle Pai for the 1st time and got 1st prize in a quiz competition ? The time i had close to 1 Lakh Rupees in my savings bacnk account ? The Day i got my first appreciation call ? The Day i got my 1st job promotion ? The time i get my long leaves approved ? The time i go for vacations out of bombay ? The day i learnt to drive a car on my own ? The day i baked my 1st cake ? The time i baked a cake for someone i had a major crush and she loved it ? The day i came so close to telling "I love you" to someone (But eventually didnt do it ? My first cricket match in a stadium ? My first foreign Trip ? My first video game as a kid ? The day i moved to my new house in 1994 ? The times i spent playing tv games all night with Dad ? All the moments spent with Dad ? Swimming sessions with Grandpa ? Watching the trains at my family house in Udhana ? Sitting inside a diesel engine and blowing the horn ? Learning Boxing ? My year learning computer hardware at Jetkings ? The Day i completed Engineering ? The 1980s ? My 1st new years party ? The first time i had alcohol and hit the dance floor ? The time i was drunk and said "I love you" to an old school crush ? The day i passed my 7th standard maths and science re-exam and save a year, or else i would have flunked ? And the list goes on and on and on and on and on..
So i can conclude, maybe there was never one moment in my life when i was most happy.
But i will also conclude that God has been very kind that despite all the turmoils and turbulent times that i have gone through, somehow everything has always turned well. Whether i actually got what i wanted or not is secondary but the resolution was always what was needed and what was right, in the long turn.

Good night.


  1. What it is.....What it is .....what it is....Still to Go....Dude.

  2. wow, what a lovely post... I am reading these posts after a while but these r real good. thnx for sharing