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Saturday, February 6, 2010

Day 55-56

A tiring almost 2 days...Managed to finish work on time on friday. Saw Striker on friday evening. Brilliant underrated film. Then went to dinner with Mom to Govindas. Woke up at 11 on saturday. Went for another movie. Law Abiding Citizen. Nice movie. Came home. Watched the test match where south africa were dominating the indian bowlers. Went to crosswords in the evening. Got a few books. Went to lamington road, got a USb pen drive for a colleague. He is going to be pretty happy with the movies i will be giving him. Now will have a nice shower and off to Chinese Room for a nice dinner with Mom and bro. Its mom's bday today and we'll make sure she enjoys the night. Well, weekend well spent. I am also happy because my tickets and hotel bookings for pondicherry have been finalized. Been dying to take a break from work to rejuvenate my self. 6th March, here i come.

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