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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Day 52

Another routine day at office. Managed to do voluminous tasks within time. Then went to Dadar, Chitra Cinema to see Harsishchandrachi Factory with Mom. As with most women, even after explaining her the directions to come there, she went to the nearby Plaza theatre. Grrr. Why cant women understand directions ? We almost didnt see the movie as mom didn't know she was at the wrong theatre. But eventually we reached Chitra and saw the movie. What a nice gem. Definately worth sending for the 2010 oscars. However, it would stand tough competition amongst other luminaries of world cinema. In my humble opinion, the fact that it is about the father of Indian Cinema and the fact that Indian Film Industry is the largest (In terms of people working and films produced) in the world, this one should get oscar purely for the content. There is no doubt that the film is a classic and thankfully is without any songs and extremely realistic. The prodution values are a bit shoddy but, as Phalkey said, "The script is important."
Then, we went to a small supermarket in a bylane where Dad used to buy Soaps quite often. Mom loved it and finally felt her day was made because she did her daily quota of shopping.
Hopefully, mom wont get too tired too soon !!!!
Good Night.

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