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Monday, February 1, 2010

Day 51

Slept well for a sunday night. Definition of a well sleep on a sunday night is 4 hours at a stretch. Monday was usual. Since it was the 1st monday for the month, did quite a lot of planning and will ensure i stick to it. So far. So good. Met up with Rajeev from New Delhi after quite a few months. Spoke about movies. Gave him the much coveted DVD of Paanch and he was visibly happy. And Shalini, thanks once again for the watch. I still think, the entire box was much more than what i needed, but i owe you one. :)
Went to my sis in law's place to meet my Nephew, who we have decided to name..Purav.
He was quite adorable. I am sure Kashyap and me are going to spoil him bad with all the gizmos and ensure that he is familiar with all the Computer Systems in our house before the age of 2. Had a real long phone call with a cousin from SC, USA. We talked after almost 2 years and we talked and talked and talked and talked. The focus shifted from my personal life to her personal life to our all time favourite talk--- Bitching about useless relatives and family members. Here's to our long phone calls, may they last for ever.
Good night and Good luck.

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