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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day 48 and almost start of Day 49

The morning was calm when i started to head for work. And then suddenly, my blood pressure spouts up. The fucking transport department in my company has goofed up for the umpteenth time this week and one of my team members comes in office 2 hours late. I loose my cool and fire the shit out of the transport team. And, they are indifferent. I guess, some stuff never changes. The day at work, was a bit hectic but was more than happy to know the day passed so fast. I came home, had a nice shower and rushed to see Ishqiya at INOX. A nice well made and a different film. Has a few shades of Barry Levinson's Bandits. Naseerudin Shah gives a bravura performance. Then caught up with the fat guy and went to a nice shetty bar near fort for a session. Since, i was driving, i didnt drink alcohol but had a nice sweet lassi instead. That didnt, however, stop both of us from having our spirtiual meaningful conversations. Then had a nice paan at the famous Volgas near Hutatma Chowk. Then while dropping fat guy near the Haji Ali junction, we took a detour to the "bowels of the city" and as the fat guy was curious and had never been there. But we were inside a car and just had a glance.
But yea, good start to a weekend which is going to be spent doing some other pointless things.

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