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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Day 47

A colleague of mine said today, "What a long month this has been. Its never ending. It feels like its been 4 months and January 2010 just doesnt seem to end."
How true. I can't wait for the Friday to get over. Its been a very hectic month (Like most of the others). Need to be more systematic from next month onwards. I will try and fit work, accounts, sleep and exercise within 24 hours and try to give equal time to all of them.
Quite a few of my well wishers have asked, who is Fat Guy and Avtaar baba that i keep referring to in my blogs ? Well, The Fat Guy is one of my closest friend, Subramanian aka Subbu aka uncle. Avtaar Baba is another close friend, Hemant aka Hemant.
3 of us are office colleagues. Known each other since November 2003 and are quite close to each other. We have an amazing friendship that can not be defined in words. We share common interests, Women, films and rock and roll (Not in any particular order though). We just need to go to a nice pub and Fat guy and me on a couple of drinks and avtaar on Pepsi will get so high that we will talk the most absurd thing and have our verbal diarrhea going and talk all nonsense stuff and laugh like crazy over each others jokes.
No one has ever understood our friendship, and no one ever will.
While The Fat Guy has gone ahead in to more human being kind of work in the field of Finance Journalism, Avtaar baba and me are still in Vodafone Hutchison 3G with no idea on what mess is stored next day for us. But thats ok, we are not really complaining as such.

Ok, enough of introduction.
I am feeling extremely tired to write and now i think i ought to go for a nice shower, have a nice dinner and hit the sacks.

Good night..good evening..good afternoon..good morning (Depends on which part of the globe you are located)

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